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New Type Mini Round Baler

New Type Mini Round Baler
Product Description Mini Round baler for pickingup and bundle wheat straw, rice straw, grass, alfalafa and etc . Weifang Guoan mini round hay baler /round baler /straw baler 1). small volum,light weight,compact structure , easy to operate and store 2). small tractor can power it. 15HP is enough!...
Product Details:

Product Description 

Mini Round baler for pickingup and bundle wheat straw, rice straw, grass, alfalafa and etc .



Weifang Guoan mini round hay baler /round baler /straw baler 1). small volum,light weight,compact structure , easy to operate and store

2). small tractor can power it.  15HP is enough! 

3). small bales, single man can transport it.

5). Bale density adjstable
6). PTO transmition, 3 point hitch .


Advantages of us.tages of RUNSHINE mini round baler 

1- CE certificate
2- always keep stock, short delivery time.
3- all spare parts are available from us.
4- PTO shaft , few spring teeth and a roll of twine for free.

5- Best quality, Best  price, Best delivery time, Best aftersale service.

6. 1 years warranty.


Products Overviews.



Packaging and Shipping.

package method

iron crate with plastic film

package size (one unit)

116*115*115(850), 115*130*120(870),  

130*138*120(1070), 130*138*140(1090)

nearest port

Qingdao, China (100km away from our factory)


1 unit

shipping method

sea transport

accept trading term



Company Show.




Weifang Guoan Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd- is the manufacturer of the Mini round balers for nearly 20 years experiences. We have the professional team and best serice. Already has the dealers in UK, US, India, Vietnam and other areas. Welcome join us.


1. Q: What's "RXYK0850/RXYK0870" mean?

A:"RX"--------company name in Chinese "Runxin"

"YK"--------"round baler" in Chinese is "Yuan Kun".

"08"---------acctually, it should be "80", picking up width 80cm

"50"---------diameter of bale is 50cm

"70"---------exactly, the diameter of bale is 61cm

2. Q: is it easy to operate?

A: yes. only need match the 3 point hitch and PTO.

3. Q: how to know the chamber is full with grass/straw?

A: there is buzzer. it will ring when the chamber is full.

by the way, when the buzzer rings, tractor should be stoped awaiting the twine binding on bales.

otherwise the shear bolt on pickup device will be cut off.

4. Q: does the baler discharge bales automatically?

A: no.  this is only step that you need do by hand.

5. Q: can this baler pick up materials such as whole corn stalk?

A:  Theoretically, it can't. because the baler haven't chopper device.

but, we have tested it in field for cut stalk by the combine harvester.

6. Q: if i use the baler to pick up wheat straw, is it suitable?

A: yes. the straw is better not cut into pieces by harvester, 

however, it works also for cut straw. the problem is the loss rate will be about 20%.

7. Q: weight of bales?

A: if dry hay and straw, RXYK0850 makes the bales 14-18kgs.

RXYK0870 makes the bales 18-25kgs

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