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Work Flow Of Baling Charter
Sep 17, 2017
Tape to send in place to receive strapping signal, brake release, main motor startup (1) - > right knife rising, to resist the right belt in skateboard (2) - > type "T" guide back (3) - > proximity switch induction to bring back the probe (4) and main motor stalling, brake and (5) - > banding machine with motor rotation, back out with 0.35 seconds (6) - belt tightening bundle on the object (7) and main motor second start, brake and posed rod (8) and a secondary drawstring, tighten belt (9) - > left acrosome, the lower clamping belt (10) - heating into two straps (11) - in the middle top knife, cut the ribbon (12) to the top knife down (13), the top knife to rise again, make the two straps and strong adhesion (14) of the top knife down, left and right top knife fell at the same time (15) and the heating piece reset (16) to slide backward (17), "T" type guide reset (18), close to switch to send with the probe (19) - > send belt motor start, drive belt to send belt (20) - big swinging rod reset (21) - belt in place, leading the top to the "T" type plate (22) and proximity switch to double probe (23) and main motor stalling, brake and (24) - banding machine to complete a working cycle.