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What Are The Safety Measures For Straws?
Sep 17, 2017

1. After the installation of equipment, electric cabinet earthing protection within the terminal must be thread diameter not less than 16 mm single square in grounded Angle (installation of earthing protection Angle by the customers themselves), did not answer the earthing protection of the equipment operation, regular check earthing protection line connections are in good condition.

2. Non-professional personnel shall not open the control box for maintenance.

3. Users are forbidden to change the wiring of the electrical system.

4. Users are prohibited from adjusting their own system pressure.

5. Users are prohibited from replacing original fittings on their own devices.

6. The hydraulic system and the electrical system of the key parts of the equipment shall be covered with rain water.

7. No operating equipment under 18 years old.

8. Untrained personnel are prohibited from operating equipment.

9. It is forbidden to tear, smear, and equipment safety warning signs.

10. Please use a stable enough power supply to consider the voltage attenuation caused by long distance from the transformer, and the power cable with sufficient diameter should be used.

11. Fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishers should be placed near the equipment, and the operators should control the use of fire extinguishers.

12. If smoke and other abnormal conditions occur on site or equipment, use fire equipment and call fire alarm.

13. When the equipment is running, children and irrelevant personnel are prohibited near the equipment to avoid causing accidents.