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Type Classification Of Baling Charter
Sep 17, 2017

1. According to purpose: waste paper wrapping machine, metal bundling, straw baling, cotton bundling, plastic bundling, etc

2. According to the performance score: automatic baling, semi-automatic packing, manual packing, etc

3. According to the mechanism of points: unmanned packing machine, fully automatic horizontal packing machine, automatic wear sword type packing machine, automatic pressure wear sword type packing machine, automatic pressure type packing machine, portable packing machine, etc.

Classification by strapping materials

Plastic baling machine. It is a baling machine for medium and small weight packing cases. The plastic belt is mainly polypropylene belt, nylon tape, polyester belt, etc.

A banding machine with steel straps. It is made of steel belt binding material, because of the high strength of steel belt, mainly used for heavy, large packing cases.

Classification by joint mode

Banding machine

Banding machine

A welding baling machine. The plastic belt is easy to heat and melt, so it is suitable for plastic belt joint. According to the way of heating, it is divided into electric fusion welding, ultrasonic welding, high frequency welding and pulse welding.

Butt-binding baling machine. It USES a special button-down joint, which is tightly packed and used in the steel belt.

Classified by structural characteristics

Basic bale chartered. It is a baling machine suitable for all kinds of industries, and its mesa is highly suitable for standing operation. Used in bundles, small packages, such as cartons, calcium plastic cases, books, etc.

A side-mounted baling machine. The joint part of the strapping band is carried on the side of the package, and the table is lower. Suitable for large or dirty packing parts, such as anti-rust treatment, water products, pickled products, etc. If add dustproof measure, can tie the packing piece with more dust.

To press a bale. For soft and elastic products such as leather, paper products, and knitted fabrics, the binding must be pressed and pressed before binding. Pressure is divided into pressure and hydraulic pressure.

A charter flight of a railroad. The track frame of its belt can be opened in horizontal or vertical direction to facilitate the placing of various cylindrical or annular packing pieces, and the posterior orbital closure.

A horizontal rail baling machine. The track of its belt is arranged horizontally, and the packing parts are strapping horizontally. It is suitable for horizontal strapping such as pallet packaging.

6. Carry a bale charter. Normally place on the top of the package, and when the belt wraps around the package, it will hold the belt tightly. It is manual and flexible.

By degree of automation

A manual baling machine. By hand operation to achieve the binding lock, multi-purpose plastic straps. It is simple and light, suitable for large or small bulk packing.

Semi-automatic baling machine. Deliver the package to the bundling station with the conveyor, then wrap the tape around the package manually, and then tighten the belt tightly. It has a low working table and fits well with large packages.

Automatic baling machine. At the top of the table, there is a belt track frame. When the package is entered into the bundling station, it is automatically carried out with the belt, belt and belt, and the fixed cutting. The frame of the belt is fixed, which is generally suitable for packing with single size and large volume. When binding, the moving and steering of the package should be done manually.

Fully automatic baling machine. The machine can automatically complete the predetermined binding process, including the moving and steering of the package, in the case of unmanned operation and auxiliary, suitable for the binding of bulk packaging.

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