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Troubleshooting And Troubleshooting Of Baling Charter
Sep 17, 2017

Card tape processing, when the belt is stuck in the middle of the roller, or if there is a foreign object to be removed, the processing method is as follows:

A. Open the washer of hexagon nut.

B. Loosen the two M5 countersunk screws in the middle of the coupling, and since the two screws are fixed in the hole part of the connecting shaft, screw the screw up.

C, remove the connecting shaft, take the engine up, remove the stuck object.

D, assemble and recover in accordance with the above c-b-a method.

E, nut and l-type curved plate can keep 0.3 0.5 mm gap automatic banding machine does not automatically take, in this case, first check whether "the belt length adjustment" in the "0", and then through with process is correct, if not, send belt wheel stuck near the foreign body, also can cause this situation.

State three

There are a lot of situations in which the straps are not cut.

A, the elastic adjustment is too tight

B, skid or skid belt with oil, all located near the elastic adjustment, must remove the oil.

C, the belt is too tight, lower the belt drive seat downward, or the motor will be adjusted back.

D. Use thinner straps or too large gaps. The adhesive effect is not good.

A, the temperature is too high or not enough, sometimes the special tape, the viscosity is poor, the temperature must be very accurate.

B, using voltage is not enough, there are a lot of factory voltage, often is not enough, if we use the extension cord or cable, cause the pressure drop, to adjust the temperature of the original become low, and even motor bundle tight when burned, so try to avoid using cables, if must use extension, must answer the coarser and don't be too long wires.

C. The 635 bearing under the middle knife is broken, so there is a warm and completely unglued.

D, the long pull spring fatigue on the pole, so that it can't be pulled to the position, causing half or less of the bonding.

E, the electric hot steel sheet is too high or too low, or the left side of the right side, so the PP belt in the upper and lower part, or the left and right tool, can not enter the heating, depending on the situation adjustment.

F, smoke flue fan failure, make the temperature too high. Do not move when inserting.

The LS1 microswitch fault, shift or shrapnel in the left side of the skateboard is blocked by the foreign object, which cannot touch the contact point. Continuous work.

A, LS5 failure

B, LS1 is not malfunctioning, but there is a loot between the contact and the shrapnel, or the shrapnel itself is stuck, so that the contact can not be carried out as usual.

C, LS5 is zero, the contact is not closed, so the power supply is continuous work.

D. the clearance between the clutch and the pulley is too small. Increase the number of small gaskets between the clutch and the pulley.

E, replace the TD cut belt sensor. Unbound or cut off.

A, the machine is loosely adjusted so that it can be tightened.

B, LS3 and LS5 locations are not properly located.

C. Magnetic induction switch fault.

In eight

Send with constant

A, send the potentiometer fault and replace the potentiometer.

B, send the button failure, replace the button switch.

C, the packing belt is too thick or the upper and lower part of the machine is improper, the replacement of a thinner packing belt or the upper extension machine to increase a little.