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The Straw Baling Machine Main Oil Cylinder Does Not Reverse What Malfunction
Sep 17, 2017

1. The automatic method of straws not backward:

1. Check that the lamp of the relay with the back relay is already bright and should be poor.

2. The light that is close to the switch after the oil cylinder is bright and should not be bright.

3. Check that the overlimit threshold is close to the switch indicator light. It should not be bright.

2. The main oil cylinder of the waste paper is not backward

1. Check the manual back button.

2. Check whether the back relay is working normally.

Advantages of straw baling machine:

(1) prevention of environmental pollution caused by burning straw;

(2) increase the income of farmers, and put the straw bags in good shape, which are easy to sell, and the price per ton of grass is about 500 to 1,000 yuan;

(3) reasonable utilization of resources, and post-packaged wheatgrass can be used well, such as processing livestock and poultry feed, making fiber sheets, producing biogas and papermaking; The use of straw baling charters has led to the development of related industries, providing a large amount of raw materials for related industries, thus saving resources and optimizing the allocation of resources to achieve civilized agricultural production.