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The Cleaning Method Of The Hydraulic System Of Straw Baling Machine
Sep 17, 2017

Regarding the straw baling equipment, when the whole equipment is installed, it may be used to replace the hydraulic oil for a long time. A cleaning process is required for the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system cleaning of straw baling machine mainly has the following aspects:

1. Organize the environment.

2. Clean the oil with low viscosity special cleaning oil. When cleaning, oil will be taken into the tank of the hydraulic baling machine and heated to 50-80 degrees Celsius.

3. Start the hydraulic pump and make it empty. Always gently tap on a pipe cleaning process, so that can receive attachments to remove the effect, clean the pollution status of 20 minutes to check oil filter, and clean the filter, and then washed, repeat repeatedly until the stop on the screen without a lot of pollutants.

4. For the more complicated hydraulic system, the area shall be cleaned according to the working area. Also can connect the hydraulic cylinder, let the hydraulic cylinder reciprocate movement to carry on the system clean.

After cleaning, drain the oil as much as possible and clean the inside of the tank. Then take down the temporary cleaning line, so that the hydraulic system can recover the normal operation condition and participate in the regular hydraulic oil.