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Thb Series Square Hay Baler
Mar 14, 2018

Thb Series Square Hay Baler Basic Info

  • Model NO.: THB1060/THB2060/THB3060

  • Section Dimension: 32cm*42cmT32cm*42cmT36cm*48cm

  • Round Baler Machine Weight: 920kgT1030kgT1460kg

  • Num of Spring-Tooth: 24T32T44

  • Plunger Stroke: 60cm

  • Round Baler Machine Specification: CE/ISO9001

  • Model: Thb1060 Thb2060 Thb3060

  • Bale Length: 30-120cm

  • Round Baler Machine Width of The Pick-up: 92cmT144cmT180cm

  • Line of Spring-Tooth: 4

  • Origin: China

Thb Series Square Hay Baler Product Description

1. Square Hay Baler (THB Series)
2. Gathering Pasture, Paddy And Wheat Straw
3. Work Automatically
4. Easy To Transport, Stockpile And Deep Processing
5. Work In The Farm And Grass Field
6. Adjust The Length And Density Of The Grass Sheaf
7. With CE Certification
8. Well-known In The World
9. Change Color Upon Request
10. High Welding Processes And Surface Quality

MODEL THB1060 THB2060 THB3060
Section Dimension 32× 42cm 32cm*42cm 36cm*48cm
Bale Length 30-100cm 30-100cm (adjustable) 60-120cm (adjustable)
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 420× 167
× 130cm
410*215*130cm 500*280*140cm
Weight 920kg 1030kg 1460kg
Width of the pick-up 92cm 144cm 180cm
Num of spring-tooth 24 32 44
Line of spring-tooth 4 4 4
Plunger Stroke 60cm 60cm 60cm
Plunger Speed 86-90/Min 92/Min 90/Min
Work Speed 4-6 Kilometre/hour 4-10 kilometre/hour 4-15 kilometre/hour
Work Efficiency 180-240 bundle/hour 180-240 bundle/hour   180-240 bundle/hour
Work Capacity 8-10t/hr (hay) 8-10t/hr (hay) 8-10t/hr (hay)
Tyres 10/80-12-6PR (left)
10/80-12-6PR (left)
10/80-12-6PR (left)
PTO Speed 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm
Tractor HP 25-50hp 25-50hp 30-80hp

Thb Series Square Hay Baler.jpg