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How Should The Baler Be Maintained In Order To Increase The Service Life?
Sep 17, 2017

1 、daily maintenance of waste paper packer

Daily maintenance of waste paper packer, operator check the equipment, strictly request operation regulation, use equipment, especially pay attention to setting up

When running, the sound, vibration, oil pressure and other conditions, problems should be reported in a timely manner. Timely liquidation of the scene, to ensure that playing

Pack site clean, improve packing safety.

2 、 regular maintenance of waste paper packer

In order to reduce the wear and tear of equipment, eliminate the hidden trouble of the accident, and prolong the service life of the waste paper packer, the waste paper packer

The maintenance work should be based on the operation staff, according to the program. Regular maintenance work should be thoroughly checked and adjusted

Gap, fastening the relevant parts of the waste paper baling machine equipment.