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Hot Sale Mini Round Hay Baler
Sep 28, 2018

Hot Sale Mini Round Hay Baler Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: MK5050-G

  • Mini Round Baler Processing Object: Forage, Straw

  • Type: Forage Equipment

  • Mini Round Baler Processing Technics: Crushing-before-Mixing

Silage and Micro-storage Round Binding Machine
Matching power: 4kw or 8 horsepower engine

Production efficiency: 60-120 seconds/bundle

Rotating speed: 360 revolutions

Weight of grass bundle: 15-65kg/bundle

Size of grass bundle: Φ52cm*52cm

What is silage?

Silage is a kind of green feed, can be long-term preservation and storage under the condition of seal, it's purpose is long-term, timely supply green good palatability, high nutritional value of feed

For cattle and sheep and other livestock.

Hot Sale Mini Round Hay Baler Advantage

1, Reduce waste, can be long-term preservation for 1-2 years, and is not affected by season, sunlight, rainfall, etc. It can storage indoor or outside, the transportation is convenient.

2, Silage quality is great, the crude protein content is high, easy to digest, taste sour, sweet with a faint scent, good palatability, cattle and sheep feed intake is high, high value of nutritional

3, Less investment, quick effect, good comprehensive benefits.

Silage sensory evaluation criteria:
1, High grade: Test fresh, sour and sweet, colour is close to the raw material quality, usually green or yellow-green.
2, medium: Strong acidity, small fresh, sour and sweet, yellow-brown to dark green color.

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