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Features Of Baling Charter
Sep 17, 2017

· hatchcover type panel, convenient for maintenance.

· new electric heating device, heating fast, long life.

· single chip electronic control, complete functions, easy operation.

· 4 kinds of bundles guarantee the customers all kinds of bundles.

· the cost of bag belt will be reduced by 30-50% compared with the cost of bag belt in the existing market.

· the guide wheel of high quality material is used to effectively solve the wear of ordinary plastic guide wheel and the tape problem of PP belt.

· with a high strength blade with a hardness of 65, it greatly increases the ability of the cutting belt and the life of the blade

· made use of resin casters, more convenient for mechanical movement, and no deformation of the casters under a long time

· using aluminum alloy frame, the shell of the body adopts the composite structure.

· all parts are machined with NC machining equipment. The fastness and the joint action of the fully automatic baling machine parts are well protected.