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Application Of Straw Baling Machine
Sep 17, 2017

The straw baling machine is a kind of hydraulic principle which can compress straw, straw, etc., which can be used to save, transport and use the environmental protection equipment. It is widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry industry, which plays a great role in protecting environment and resources. Straw baling and straw baling machine are two different kinds of equipment, although the principle is the same, but the structure is very different.

Straw packing machine can be applied to corn stover, wheat straw, rice straw, cotton, wool, waste paper, waste bin, yarn, paper board, tobacco leaf, plastic, cloth, woven bags, knitting wool, linen, burlap, tops, lint, cocoon, silk, hops, wheat wood, straw and waste all the light bulbs, loose materials such as plastic bags. Straw baling machine can suppress the silage straw, dry maize straw, all kinds of straw scraps, waste plastic film, etc., carry on the bundle, but automatic bagging packaging.

Straw packing machine is widely applied in all kinds of straw baling press paper factory, old stuff recycling company and other units, or for old packaging recycling waste paper, plastic straw, progress is labor efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, saving manpower, reduce transportation capability of good equipment.