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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Baler
Sep 17, 2017

Machine, automatic waste paper packer, horizontal semi-auto waste paper packer in the industry is an our country national economy important basic pillar industry, the industry of the baling press for energy conservation and emissions reduction work is not only the industry structure adjustment and transformation of the mode of development intrinsic need, also is by providing energy-saving products, development of energy saving, water saving, material saving, intelligent high value-added products.

Using high energy consumption of baling press equipment, especially the higher yield of conveyor is expected to renew horizontal waste paper packer, direct material type waste paper packer, etc., and its emissions of carbon dioxide concentration is high, the serious pollution to the environment.

How to make their products more energy efficient, more environmental protection, has become the problem that is placed in front of domestic and foreign waste paper. As the "heart" of waste paper, the engine is not only the key to power output, but also determines the fuel consumption of the equipment to a great extent.

However, the energy saving technology of domestic enterprises is still in the initial stage, more is through simple technical improvement, supplemented by the rational configuration of the parts, to create their own energy conservation and environmental protection products. Although these technical adjustment, can under the premise that guarantee the stability of the cost, control fuel consumption reduce emissions index, but not fundamentally for wastepaper baling press industry in China energy-saving way bring substantial change.

It is one of the difficulties for the industry to realize energy saving and consumption. Therefore, how to help the operation of professional fuel saving operation technology will be a major event to promote the sustainable development of the industry