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The importance of hydraulic system for straws
Sep 17, 2017

Hydraulic system is the core of the straw packing machine, the stability of the straw baling press mostly is decided according to the hydraulic system, hydraulic pressure, flow rate, oil temperature, noise also affects the safety, stability and efficiency of straw baling press.

The pressure of straws can affect the density of straw or straw, and the density can affect the quality of feed and the cost of packaging. The flow of straws will affect the efficiency of the packer, and the efficiency will also affect the loss of labor, packaging and electricity. The oil temperature of the straw baling machine will affect the pressure of the machine, and indirectly affect the packing density, feed quality and packaging cost. Noise is also a very critical, example: if the noise is very big, what the feed there, someone speak loudly, in the operation of baling press is hear, light block, the machine or the machine will cause significant damage. In addition, in the case of high noise, the situation of the ears and ears can be heard.

Straw packing machine in every link is very important, there was a problem in one part will affect the stability of the whole machine, so in the sight of the customer don't covet of purchase straw baling press low price temptation, then the loss is more than a few thousand dollars.