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Safety operation procedures for straw baler
Sep 17, 2017

1, straw baler before operation, to the production of Shandong SHUNFA hydraulic machinery factory safety management department for the "aerial work safety supervision record form". SHUNFA hydraulic Tel: 13793085458

In 2, more than three meters high operating risk area caused by falls, the operator must fasten the safety belt, wear safety helmets, safety belts tied up in a reliable place, while operators are not allowed to wear shoes with hard soles; special circumstances, operating in other parts of the three meters, if the safety factor site is very easy to fall or slip and drop at being hard, pointy or electrical lines may cause serious consequences of the case, according to three meters above the processing operations or to eliminate the risk factors.

3. The height of the straw packer is on the non fixed support surface, or on the inclined support surface outside the supporting surface or on the inclined support surface with a slope greater than 45 degrees, and the seat belt must be used. SHUNFA Hydraulic Machinery Factory Tel: 13793085458

4, the use of the ladder climbing slope should be 60 ~ 70 degrees, must be stable, when necessary to be strong or the ladder with a strong rope fastened to the bottom of the ladder, have anti-skid measures; use ladder middle must use a rope fastened firmly.

5, climbing operation, you must straw packer, observe the surrounding environment, pay attention to whether there is electrical wiring, prevent crooked electric shock, if necessary, to the nearby electric line power cut, you can work;

6, suffering from high blood pressure, mental or heart disease, or climbing, prone to vertigo and other climbing contraindications, are not allowed to climb.

In 7, the bad weather (above six winds, thunderstorms, fog, snow or dark), are not allowed to take a job, such as the need for work, must complete the protection measures of safe and reliable, and sent care before operation.