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Equipment for maintaining straw baler
Sep 17, 2017

straw baler machine equipment in recent years abnormal hot, partly because the state of straw burning is prohibited, on the other hand is to vigorously promote the recycling of straw also makes more and more customers to understand the straw packaging machine equipment advantages, straw baler equipment is corn stalk, Bean Stalk and other agricultural and forestry wastes after recovery of crushed straw coal production into the compression tool quality, and straw baler machine after years of development, already has a full operation of the equipment, that is no longer equipped with separate crusher can crush the molding directly, providing more convenience for producers, but investors can not because the performance of the equipment itself is good, but it does not pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, to keep production equipment straw forming machine with excellent performance, the operator must learn professional. The use of operating methods, the following for you to explain these methods in detail, and I hope to help the majority of investors:

1, before starting, please inject 25 kg of gear oil (a refueling can be used continuously for more than 10 years), after refueling, tighten the plug plug hole.

2, carefully check the power lines, prevent the point, leakage, to ensure the safety of electricity.

3, carefully check the machine, motor, transmission parts of the anchor bolt, the screws can be consolidated, whether or not loose, in order to timely fastening.

4. Setting up preheating temperature according to the kind of material. Corn, wheat straw at 80 degrees Celsius, -90 degrees Celsius, peanut shell rice husk at 80 degrees Celsius, -100 degrees celsius.

5, after the boot, first idling for 1 minutes, check the machine rotation is normal, normal when a small amount of feed, to the machine after the excess material out of the net before you can average feed.

6, the stock before, please be sure to pay attention to the hard sundries in the raw materials, according to stone, so as not to damage the machine into the bin iron.

7, every 8 hours of operation for the joint on the oil filling empty, once a 2-3 drops of oil can. Please put a little wet material before stopping so that the material can be discharged smoothly after starting the next day.