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Mini Baler Machine

Mini Baler Machine
New Design Durable round hay baler Hay Baler Product Description 1.Round hay baler is composed of five major systems including hydraulic control,electrical control,mechanical drive,pickup & baling , and rope bunding systems,it can successively complete the works of picking...
Product Details:

New Design Durable round hay baler Hay Baler

Product Description

1.Round hay baler is composed of five major systems including hydraulic control,electrical control,mechanical drive,pickup & baling , and rope bunding systems,it can successively complete the works of picking  up&feeding,bundling&compact,rope distrbution,unloading grass bale etc

2.The whole working program is successive,accurate and reliable,the bundled round grass bale is compac t outside and loose inside and has good air permeability.

3.It can resist wind ,rain and snow under open storage and is convenient for long-      term storage and long distance transportation.this is of great significance to the prompt harvest of pasture in agricultural and pastoral areas,the effective use of crop stalks as well as the disaster countering and livestock protection.



Product Features

1.Factory supply,best price 

2.Fine steel,long work life 

3.ISO certification,high quality and efficiency 

4. 3 point linkage, easy to lift and pass from one place to another

5. buzzer warning after one bale finished,bale density adjustable

6. natural hemp twine, harmless to animal


Working Principle

Round hay bales baling machine works (as shown below). Tractor power transmission through the transmission to the various working parts, in the course of field work, with the machine running and front row, the pickup's Tine grass of the ground to pick up through the feed mechanism into a bundle chamber, rotating under the action of the roller is rotated into the grass material core. With more original material into a bundle and constant

rotating chamber gradually formed round bales. Continuing to pick up, the material will be on the outercircumference of round bales wrapped, forming a tight delivery within the outer circle bundles.



Product details 







1.Q:How to choose the suitable one?

A:Please tell us your detailed requirements by mail or online,we will recommend the suitable one as your request.

2.Q:Why the price is just a range?

A:Because different model and qantity,the price is different,competitive price will be according to your model and quantity.

3.Q:How can I pay?

A:We accept many payment,such as T/T,Western Union,Moneygram.......

4.Q:When I receive it after pay?

A:The normal models can be sent out within 7-10 days,please contact us to check shipping time to your address.

5.Q:Is it will be broken during transport

A:Please don't worry,our goods with standard export package.

6.Q:What should I do if I don't know how to use?

A:Please don't worry,manual user will be sent together,you can also contact us for technical support

7.Q:What should I do if some parts broken?

A:Please don't worry,we have 12 months warranty except wear parts.You can also buy from us after 12 months.

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