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Mini Hay Baler for Sale

Mini Hay Baler for Sale
Specifications Small Round Balers 1.Manufacturer 2.One year warranty 3.ISO,CE certification 4.Suit variety of materials. Mini Straw Small Round Balers For Sale Features: 1.Set pick up and bundle in one. 2.Easy to transport and storage after bundling. 3.Can be followed in combine harvester to...
Product Details:


Small Round Balers 
2.One year warranty 
3.ISO,CE certification 
4.Suit variety of materials.

Mini Straw Small Round Balers For Sale


1.Set pick up and bundle in one.

2.Easy to transport and storage after bundling.

3.Can be followed in combine harvester to achive the best effect.

4.Small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy to operate.


They are widely used in collecting and bundling dry and green grass,straw,wheat stalk,corn stalkreed,Cane caudate lobe,cotton,cloth,waste paper,metal and deep processing.It can also follow in combine harvester to achive the best effect.

The advantage of baler:

1.To increase farmers' income,the hay is easy to sell after bundling.

2.Make rational use of resources,hay can easily process feed of livestocks after bundling.

3.To prevent farmers from burning straw and bring environmental pollution.To improve the farm of degree of safety and greatly reduce the possibility of fire.

Working theory:

This machine is suitable for the tractor with more than 18-50 horse power, is mainly composed of pick up attachment,mow grass roller,sprocket drive mechanism,rope box,rope rod,warning device and hydraulic control mechanism,automatic rope, automatic picking wheat straw automatic banding straw,automatic banding,automatic cutting line,and may through the geneva wheel size adjustment, to change the bundling of bight and baling density, make the bale do not come loose, and not messy.

Technical Parameters:

Hot sale mini round hay baler/hay and straw baler machine/rice straw bundling machine



Baler picture:




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