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Hay Baler Parts

  • International Hay Baler Parts
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    International Hay Baler Parts

    Product description. 850/870/1070/1090 round balers can automatically complete the grass, rice, wheat and the rub of corn stalk picking up, bundling and releasing, widely used for collecting and strapping dry, green grass, rice, wheat, corn straw. This kind of round bales is convenient for...
  • Used Hay Baler Parts
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    Used Hay Baler Parts

    RXYK0850/70 European standard Compact and Mini Round Hay Balers for sale We are factory&manufacturer (factory direct sale) 1.Steel compress rollers. 2.Bale density adjustable. 3.Twine auto binding system. 4.Hydraulic bale ejection system. 5.Simple mechanism, low maintenance. 6.Natural hemp...
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