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Baler Machine

  • Mini Grass Baler Machine
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    Mini Grass Baler Machine

    Description Product Application From the time hay enters the wide, low-profile pickup until it drops out the back as a finished bale, the crop follows a straight path. There are no right-angle turns and no high pickup lifts to shake or tear valuable leaves from the stems. Instead, the crop is...
  • Hay Grass Baler Machine
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    Hay Grass Baler Machine

    PTO drived round straw baler hey baler (for rice wheat pasture) silage baler machine can complete collecting, molding, bundling and baler releasing of soft stem grasses (like rice, wheat straw, pasture andcrushed corn stalks etc.) * Product Features. 1, set picking up, twining and baling in one...
  • Baler Machine for Grass
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    Baler Machine for Grass

    Product Description Application: The straw pickup baler machine can automatically finish the pickup, bundling and put the bundle of pasture, rice, wheat and corn straw, which is widely used in dry, green grass, rice, wheat, corn stove collection of tying. Advantages: 1.make the picking and...
  • Round Hay Baler Machine
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    Round Hay Baler Machine

    Hay and Straw Baling Machine/ Grass Baler/Mini RoundHay Baler for Sale. The hay baler machine application. ·For pickup all kinds of material bales, from hay and straw. Can meet the requirements of mechanized works in Plain and Semihill. ·Matched with 25-50hp Tractors, with a wide adaptability...
  • Round Baler Machine for Tractor
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    Round Baler Machine for Tractor

    High quality mini round hay baler price. Product Description 1. Introduction of High quality mini round hay baler: 1.Special designed pick up device for the baler.we have round baler machine and square baler machine for your choice. 2.Germany imported knotting device. High success rate, long...
  • Mini Round Baler Machine
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    Mini Round Baler Machine

    Popular Mini round hay baler for sale. Specifications: 1. Hay ,grass, straw Bundling Machine. 2. Round hay straw Mini round baler, matched with tractor. 3. ISO, CE certification. Introduction: mini round hay baler machine applications This straw collecting and baling machine is widely used in...
  • Small Hay Round Baler Machine
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    Small Hay Round Baler Machine

    Factory direct cheap price CE certificated PTO mini round hay baler. Product Description Detailed PTO mini round hay baler. 1) PTO mini round hay baler 850/870/1070/1090. 2) PTO driven ( pto shaft ) 3) Automatic twine binding sysyterm 4) CE certificate. Features&technical specifications: 1....
  • Straw Round Baler Machine
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    Straw Round Baler Machine

    CE 850&870&1070&1090 mini round hay baler for sale. ·This machine with advanced design and structure, processing high quality round bales. CE certificate was passed in 2011. ·It is consist of main machine, pickup part, compress rolls, automatic binding hay bales, hydraulic pressure...
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